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Abstract Feature

I created this abstract feature in the 70s, for a client whose business was in design and whose house had cubist pictures and textured furnishings - very modern for the time. A traditional garden seemed inappropriate, and they took to my design. It is a stylised ravine, showing stratas and central ravine. It is back lit with a white light, and has a yellow light at the front. There is water cascading from a letter box in the central feature, which falls straight down and out of sight. Here you see the original design and projection. The feature became a conversation piece, and was called all sorts of names, including an Atomic Bomb Shelter! The general opinion at the time was that it was " very nice", but "not for us"! With the range of materials available today, and with attitudes somewhat changed, I would love to have a shot at creating another abstract feature.

Click on an image to enlarge.

Original design 1

Original design 2

Finished product 1

Finished product 2

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